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Tips For Buyers of a Business to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Business acquisitions are complex transactions that can provide you with an opportunity to realize a good return on your investment or become a financial nightmare. To maximize the likelihood that you will close upon a deal that is right for you, you need to have an experienced business lawyer as part of your team. Because pre-printed forms and amateur advice are plentiful on the Internet, people may be tempted to believe that they can do it themselves. My first and most important advice to you is — don’t!. The purchase of a business is not a “DIY” project and the consequences of trying to do so can be disastrous.


Is Your Customer List a Trade Secret? Don’t Be So Sure . . .

Customer lists can be an important asset for competitive advantage in many businesses – insurance, real estate, stock brokerage and financial advice – the list goes on. When a person decides to leave his firm and moves on to another opportunity, the customer list often becomes a bone of contention. The departing employee believes that he invested his time, effort and energy developing the customer list and the relationships that followed. The company feels confident that because the customer list was developed while the employee was on its payroll, the customer list is proprietary to the employer.