Business Law

Business Law

In the spirit of the philosophy of preventative medicine, we practice preventative lawyering. We know from more than 30 years of experience that doing it right in the first instance saves you time, money, aggravation and provides you with peace of mind and greater likelihood of success in your business.

We have a broad range of practical experience so we understand legal issues from a business person’s perspective rather than only from a legal or academic point of view. Our practical understanding let us provide you with practical, legal solutions.

Are you starting a new business?

Business LawCareful planning and proper organization are vital ingredients to the success of your new business. We are experts at assuring that your new business starts off with the best possible foundation for success.

We start every case with an in-depth interview during which we will thoroughly discuss your prospective new business and your goals and objectives, so that we assure your new business is organized and carefully tailored to your unique requirements.

Below are examples of the services we can provide to you and your new business:

  • Advice concerning the best form of business entity
  • Formation documents including articles of incorporation, bylaws and corporate resolutions, articles of organization and operating agreements
  • Advice concerning obtaining business licenses and other necessary governmental approvals
  • Lease agreements
  • Employment agreements including non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements and independent contractor agreements
  • Stockholder agreements
  • Financing agreements

To assure that your new business starts with a solid foundation for success, call Marti Ashcraft at 702-562-4010 or fill out the Contact form so that we can help you get started.

Your business is up and running. Is it growing and thriving, presenting you with new opportunities? Or is your business struggling, presenting you with trying challenges?

Whether your business is growing and thriving or struggling, you will encounter problems along the way. You can only manage your business opportunities and challenges thoughtfully and properly with good legal advice. Sometimes people are reluctant to seek legal advice because they fear it will be prohibitively expensive. What people do not consider is how much more expensive and aggravating it may become when problems arise because business issues are not addressed properly in the first instance. We pride ourselves on being efficient and effective, protecting your business interests in a cost effective manner. You really cannot afford not to have good legal advice.

Agreements are the backbone of business. You don’t want to have a business relationship with another party, no matter how seemingly simple, without a written understanding of the terms and conditions of the relationship.

Some of the services we provide as you manage the growth and development of your business are:

  • Drafting and reviewing business and real estate contracts
  • Negotiating business and real estate transactions
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Merger and acquisition transactions
  • Stock purchase and sale transactions
  • Asset purchase and sale transactions
  • Financing transactions
  • Maintaining corporate books and records, including advice on best practices
  • Maintaining compliance with legal requirements applicable to your business
  • Employee and independent contractor relationship matters

Take action to make sure that you maintain your business’ best prospects for health and prosperity by calling Marti Ashcraft at 702-562-4010 or fill out the Contact form.